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Why You Should HIRE A Pro Plumber (MUST READ)

The internet, with its abundance of information, has fueled a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) trend amongst homeowners. With home improvement television shows, home store seminars and the Internet bringing how-to’s right to the household, more Americans are opting to use quick fixes to solve home problems and avoid Pro fees.

However, many homeowners with basic skills experience unexpected problems, says Jim Rocchetta, vice president of marketing for Handyman Connection, a network of more than 4,000 independent craftsmen. “A small problem can very quickly grow into a huge one,” he says. “A sizable percentage of our business each year, in fact, involves salvaging do-it-yourself projects that have gone wrong.”

Consider this before you Do It Yourself:

A pro plumber is an insured plumber.

Our plumbers have sufficient education and training – and legal permission – to offer plumbing services. It also means that the plumber is accountable to the regulatory board that issues the license and can be held liable for violating its rules. The licensing body may also require that plumbers prove participation in continuing professional education to remain licensed. If an unlicensed plumber makes a mistake, the money saved on the cheaper rate may be dwarfed by the cost of major repairs. It is best to hire a pro, who is insured

Complex repairs require training and experience. Plumbing codes and systems are complex. They must be repaired by licensed professionals, otherwise injury or damage to the plumbing system can occur. For example, pipes have been damaged by untrained plumbers pouring harsh chemicals or cleansers down the drain in an effort to clear a blockage. If a pipe has cracks, something an unlicensed plumber may not think about, these chemicals can seep out and contaminate the water supply in a home or building. For your safety, and to protect your plumbing system, hire a professional for your plumbing repairs.

Other repairs requiring a professional:

  • sump pump repair or replacement

  • sprinkler malfunctions

  • pipe bursts

  • fixture replacement

  • major remodels

  • washing machine hose replacement

Safety.  Part of the reason plumbing services are so tightly regulated is that incorrect plumbing repairs or installations have the potential to cause injury, illness, and even death – not to mention property damage.

Speed and Convenience. Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to relax and have fun. But, they can be a source of stress if you don’t have the experience to complete the project as quickly as you would like. An experienced professional, however, can complete the job efficiently. Veteran plumbers can save time by virtue of long experience and practice, something it might take years for a non-professional to acquire.

If you need plumbing repairs, book a Free Estimate with SYSTEMS2000. A trained, licensed plumber will provide you with an expert assessment free of charge. For a more in-depth analysis, a Plumbing Diagnostic is also available.

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